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Such freedom in having zero views. If there was just one view, I would not know what to do with it. Who would it be? Someone who looked me up because of a job thing? An ex? Someone who was trying to look up the Lucas/Peyton ship from One Tree Hill?? Ooooh! So exciting.

Unfortunately any mysteries in my life right now would make me incredibly anxious. It's been precarious-- as a friend recently put it in an email "You seem wobbly"

One of the things that I struggle with are unwanted thoughts, which I entertain fully. So basically, I think of the worst case scenario in my head and put myself through feeling the feelings of it, even though it never happened.

I put egg salad and cherry tomatoes in a food processor today and it was gross. Got tired and didn't make anything else to eat. I'm having trouble finding the correct keys to hit to type the words that I want to write. Soon, I will eat a fish sandwich made by someone in a restaurant. I wanted crab cake, they didn't have it.

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