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Experiment Proposal: Write a 'Blog'

I am in writing school, but it is hard for me to write. I either scrawl in a diary that no one will read until I'm dead, or I hand pieces into classmates and try not to imagine them all turning to me to say "why are you even trying." I took a class with a very pretty man named Ross who had us propose writing experiments to push us out of our own writing patterns. So this first blog post is going to be my experiment proposal, so that maybe, somehow I will start writing enough that I push past the gunk and get to my good ideas-- ones that I do really feel exist.

Experiment: write a blog. do not promote it or set any specific career goals associated to it.

Hypothesis: the balance of it being public, and it being unpromoted will give me a good balance of motivational anxiety.

Execution: try to do something on it 5 days out of a week. this can include your pictures and drawings.

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